Return of the Gods

A collaboration of Constanza Seijo and Paddy Robinson

Different peoples and cultures have similar divinities for similar subjects that move human existence, like love, death, abundance, trade, laws, maternity,
fertility and ultimate freedom.

I grew up to love the classical myths of Greece and have got to know the Indian gods, which are worshipped to this day in every Indian house, street and temple.

The gods correspond to some Archetype inside human beings and they are seen as helpers in all types of life situations.

My experience is, that if I connect with the energy of a certain god, something changes in my way of doing things or in the way I see the situation and solve it.

Sometime ago I decided to bring those gods back again and our wonderful Gaucin artist, Paddy Robinson, painted them in her magic and beautiful way.
Then I set them into resin, with glass and Swarovski or Indian stones.

These are small objects, average size 10×14 cm, to hang by your bedside or lean somewhere on your desk. The magic and mystery of the divinities have endured through the ages and one or the other might speak to you depending on the moment in your life. They also make lovely gifts.

Hall of Gods

Hera, Queen Goddess – Protector of the Family

Hera is the queen of the gods and Zeus’s wife. She takes care of the family structure, keeps it together and nourishes it. In patriarchal times she was represented as a jealous and furious wife which is no wonder with Zeus, who carried off any beautiful girl he laid eyes on. But Hera’s wisdom is essential for humans to grow up with love, care and dignity and as a wife and mother she keeps and supports the family. Paddy Robinson has painted her rose garlands to make up for the unjust treatment she has received through the male dominated ages. Undeterred she continues presiding the families with feminine dignity and authority.

Connect with Hera for strength, warmth and harmony in your family. Also for female authority.

Zeus – Authority

This is real authority! Zeus defeated the Titans and all who would have put in question his reign. But he is a great King of the gods. He wisely distributed powers and attributes to other gods and goddesses. He was not a perfect husband, but he recognised his wild queen and her powers. There are moments in life when authority is needed. Zeus’s thunderbolts and lightening are extremely effective in being heard and seen. Questioning his authority is not a good idea.

If natural authority is what you need, connect with Zeus. You will feel his enormous power.

Aphrodite – Goddess of Love and Eros

We have all heard of her. The goddess Troyan prince Paris chose above all others thus provoking the Homeric war.
For the Romans she is Venus. Love and sex move the world. Aphrodite represents Eros – erotic and sensual love.
We all know, this makes the world go round. Money, power, art -. everything revolves about the innate sexual urge that perpetuates our race. And yet, in her divine refinement and subtlety Aphrodite brings tremendous beauty and joy of living into this world. She could be a great teacher in the arts of love, if we listened to her.

Choose Aphrodite to bring love and sensuality into your life. But also to enjoy the beauty in every moment.

Artemis – Retreat and Silence

Artemis represents the untouchable mysterious part of ourselves, where no one can invade or influence us. Hers is the moonlit night, a silent clarity, inner knowledge, the secret connection to life. The Romans called her Diana and she is also the god of the hunt and the woods.

Call on Artemis when you feel burnt out, when everything seems to be too much for you, when you need a silent,
moonlit inner space.

Pallas Athena – Balance and Order

The world is chaos and out of it we get just a few moments of order. Some of us want to maintain this order always, but this is not possible, as everything changes every day. This is where we need Pallas Athena, the goddess of justice, order and balance. She helps us use elements of Chaos and put them into a seeming order for a certain while. We need her always, every day, because order cannot be maintained without her power of renewing it. Order is not a natural occurrence. It is some kind of prop to manage life. Chaos is the natural condition, although our minds do have the capacity for pafferns that help us survive. Pallas Athena is conscious of this situation and she is with us to strengthen our capacity for order.

Choose her if you are overwhelmed by everything that needs to be controlled and tidied, like bills, papers, rooms, houses, finances, timetables, emails, agendas. We ask Pallas Athena to stay with us. We need her calm sense of order and organization and fairness. Her energy is the most needed by human beings.

Dionysos – Mystery and Subconscious

Dionysos is the god of mystery, ecstasy and the irrational. He is a powerful god full of poetry, depth and divine madness. Many people have wanted to limit Dionysos to a god of drunkenness, especially those who are afraid of losing control, and have overlooked the importance of accessing the dark and unconscious streams that make unexpected things happen. The principle of going into the depth of our being is essential for lives full of wisdom, compassion and understanding.

If you feel that your mind controls too much, if you are scared of the unknown, the illogical and unforeseeable, invoke this wonderful sacred divinity, which will hopefully blow your mind and loosen you up.

Persephone – Embarking into the Unknown

A complex and mysterious goddess, Persephone, daughter of the king of gods, Zeus, and Demeter, goddess of nature, is kidnapped by Hades to his realm of the Underworld. Persephone willingly drinks a sacred potion of pomegranate mixed with the still beating heart of Dionysos, before she enters, thus showing her disposition to explore the dark and mysterious side of our existence.

Persephone moves in the subconscious and will help you to reach your own depth. She is wise and deeply compassionate.

Iris – The Healer

The rainbow goddess of the sea and sky. She is ethereal and iridescent and if you allow it, she can permeate you with her soft energy and all her lovely colours. She belongs to the few who have access to Olympus and the underworld and she is a messenger between light and dark, the obvious and the invisible. Like the rainbow she spans heavens like a shining bridge. She visits us in our sleep and keeps us from self-destruction.

Connecting with Iris gives a feeling of light, expansion and softness and she is the healer among the gods. Allow her gentle energy to flow through you and heal you, body and soul.

Apollo – Light and Power of the Mind

Apollo is the radiant god of light and of the power of the mind. He is the prophetic deity of the Delphic oracle, to which the Greeks went for all occasions to know the future, and I am sure many of those prophecies worked out, because they became self-fulfilling expectations. Apollo is associated with the sun, just as his sister Artemis is with the moon. His light is clear and bright, sometimes even blinding. His attitude might be: where there’s a will there’s a way. There are not many shadows around Apollo. For these we have the gods with access to the Underworld. Apollo is also known for his beauty, for his love of music, though his music would not be of the abysmal romantic type, but more Mozart or Bach.

Choose Apollo if you need strength of mind, light in the darkness or, of course, if you are looking out for a beautiful, intelligent and stunning man.

Hermes – Communicates and Connects

Hermes, Mercury for the Romans, is the traveller between the worlds, the communicator and messenger of the Gods.
He is the protector of travelers, of business men, thieves, jokers, tricksters, the witty, the humorous, the flexible.
He is inventive, always finds a way and solves the most difficult subjects. With his winged feet he flies into anywhere, be it Heaven or the Underworld. He is fast and delightful and is always ready for a big laugh.

Choose him if you are too stiff, too slow, too conservative, too self-righteous and moral. Or simply if you want to speed up things in your life. He will make everything move. He is brilliant and fun and always a good and original companion. One of my favourites.

Demeter – Earth Mother and Cycles

Her name says it: De (earth) Meter (mother). Demeter reigns over the seasons and the cyclic movements of the earth. When her daughter Persephone is kidnapped into the Underworld she freezes the earth and can only be persuades to warm it again after negotiating with Hades that her daughter will come back for nine months every year, when vegetation returns. Thus the seasons take place. Demeter takes care of the harvest, her symbols are the ear of wheat and the cornucopia. She is loved as the goddess who nourishes and who rules the Divine order of Nature.

She also helps keep our feet on the ground and to be respectful with our earth, which is her abode. Demeter, like her counterpart in India, Lakshmi, creates bounty and well being.

Durga – Riding the Tiger

Durga is the queen of Heaven, the greatest of all goddesses. All other goddesses are aspects and incarnations of Her. She has many arms as she is in all things and she rides a tiger, which represents the passions that humans succumb to, but not the great goddess, who has completely conquered them. She is the symbol of creation and freedom from human limitations.

Choose Durga if you are going for total freedom, for enlightenment, and if you love – or if you are – a strong and fantastic woman.

Shiva – Space and Movement

The rainbow goddess of the sea and sky. She is ethereal and iridescent and if you allow it, she can permeate you with her soft energy and all her lovely colours. She belongs to the few who have access to Olympus and the underworld and she is a messenger between light and dark, the obvious and the invisible. Like the rainbow she spans heavens like a shining bridge. She visits us in our sleep and keeps us from self-destruction.

Connecting with Iris gives a feeling of light, expansion and softness and she is the healer among the gods. Allow her gentle energy to flow through you and heal you, body and soul.

Lakshmi – Abundance and Beauty

Lakshmi is loved everywhere in India. No wonder as she is the goddess of abundance and beauty and being in the flow. She is attributed to the star in the tarot, which is the luckiest card of them all. Abundance and generosity go hand in hand. Abundance does not happen to stingy people, as those who hold on to money will never feel the abundance it creates when it flows. Beauty and abundance go together. While greed destroys, abundance preserves and creates. The divine sense of life is linked to allowing life to flow. Give and you will be given. Accept and you will be accepted. Love and you will be loved. This is Lakshmi’s magnificent message.

Open your heart, hands and mind. Allow the flow and you will float in infinite emotional, material and spiritual abundance.

Kali – Destroyer of Illusion

Kali is fierce and dangerous, but only to our illusions that prevent us from facing Reality. She is the goddess who leads us through the cycle of life and death (she wears a necklace of skulls) and we can only become free and fearless when we face and we accept the fact that we are going to die. If we succeed, life becomes light and wonderful and fears dissolve. For me she represents ultimate freedom, ecstatic joy, living beyond all social rules and conventions. In the end this is the ultimate compassion: her gobbling up our ego stuff is the greatest act of love that can happen to us.

To her we can surrender all the silliness and programs accumulated in the mind and system. Kali means choosing freedom and enlightenment. She is a greatly revered goddess in India.

Ganesha – Remover of Obstacles

Ganesha is the beloved Elephant God of the whole of India. In a fight against a great demon he lost one tusk. But he transformed the demon into a mouse – as we should do with worries and fear – and now the mouse serves him. He is the remover of obstacles, although he doesn’t always remove them the way you would imagine. I find his ways very effective, though somewhat tongue in cheek and good for surprises.His childlike energy connects us with our inner child. It puts a smile on our face and reminds us that our sense of humour takes us through situations.

He appreciates little offerings, flowers, food – he simply adores it – and pretty trinkets that delight his senses.

Krishna – The Divine Male

Krishna is an incarnation of the Great Preserver Vishnu and as such he represents man in his ideal form. He is wise and sublime, he is a warrior for the right cause and an unsurpassed lover. He is gentle and strong, loves the arts, women and the Universe. What else would we want in our man? In India his is much loved and worshipped. We would all like to a bit like Krishna. He makes man noble and wonderful. If you are a woman, Krishna will instill these qualities in your man.

If you are a man you will become more handsome, brave, clever and the most attractive lover. You might even learn to play the flute like him!!

Vishnu – Transformation and Liberation

Vishnu is often depicted floating in an ocean of milk and reclining on the thousand headed snake. In his dream Brahma, the Creator, arises from his navel and creates the world. Vishnu belongs with Shiva and Brahman to the Trimurti, the divine triad of Indian gods, and he is known as the Preserver. As this he vanquishes the negative forces of evil. We can see him as the one who helps transform our negative tendencies and although Vishnu is beyond our personal story, he helps make it a bit easier to live through and gradually leads us out of it.

Choose Vishnu when you want be and think in a more positive way and he is the one who will receive you when you step out of your story into liberation from the cycles of rebirth.

Inanna Lilith – Essence of the Goddess

Inanna is the powerful, universal goddess of the Sumerians, identified with the moon and the evening star. Many of the goddesses we know are aspects of Inanna, like Aphrodite, Artemis and Pallas Athena. Out of her image rose Lilith, the real woman, who represents total insubordination to any patriarchal system which felt terror of her power and ineffectively tried to banish her into the demon world. She is back, Innana-Lilith, the Great Goddess. Her power is limitless and wildly beautiful.

Inanna will help you unfold your female beauty and power.

Yemanyá – Motherhood and Comfort

I have brought this goddess with me from Uruguay, where she is still worshipped. She is the essence of motherhood and the best protector of children. Also she is the goddess of the ocean, the Stella Maris. She is a helping goddess for everyone who loses their way sailing on the sea of life and she is the ocean counterpart of the great Pachamama. She came with the captive Africans and found her place in Latin America.

Yemanyá is a force of nature, a nurturing and compassionate goddess and is for those of us who need comfort and warmth and direction.

©2018 Constanza Seijo