This year’s exhibition is inspired by the outrageous, unbelievable spring that took place here in Andalucia after some weeks of intense rains.


The winter was actually lovely, with sun and warmth and good weather, but March and April were very wet.


Then the rains stopped and and millions of flowers bloomed all at once.


I went for walks down my track in the mornings and every day there were new colours and scents.

Disney films could not have invented a more abundant paradise.

So I dedicate the exhibition to Andalucia, its mountains, its people and its flowers and I thank life for allowing me to live here.




My dear friend Aeoliah visited me last summer. Aeoliah is a well known New Age composer and musician and his “Majesty” and “Angel Love” have accompanied me since 27 years. He has just produced a wonderful new album, “Ascended Victory”.


He took photos of some of my pictures and then he sent me this meditative video with his music and my “Moonlight”.



Thanks always, Aeoliah.


©2018 Constanza Seijo