The pictures are made of painted glass, mirrors, special glass sheets,
sometimes fabric behind glass,
all this on resin or simply stuck directly on a wooden board.
I finish them with lovely Swarowsky stones or special stones from India
or wherever I find them; with real pearls and with different colours of glitter
immersed for all eternity in the resin.
The result are radiant and luminous pictures,
that onstantly change with the light
and that look different from every angle.

and have finally found the technique and materials to allow it to play with it
and to reflect it in all hues and sparkle.
As an enthusiastic celebrator of life, I feel the need to express the liveliness
and colours and radiance of our world.
There is no academy for my technique
and I love the freedom from fixed standards
and the freshness of creating however it comes.

It is almost impossible to “catch” the play of light on a photograph,
as there is a scintillating constant movement which a camera cannot grasp.

So I leave it to your imagination to add the liveliness they really have.

Constanza Seijo